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Beer or Plants

June 20th, 2014 at 10:10 am

Beer or plants.
I know which I would choose.
The cool taste of a beer on a hot afternoon greatly outweighs the pretty plants.
Today we spent £150 on a bench for the garden and a further £30 on plants.
The bench could come in handy for sitting down and enjoying a beer. The plants on the other hand. You cant drink a plant. (smoke maybe).
Anyway, the wife had the final word.
I will have to watch the world cup on TV tonight with a cup of coffee.

2 Responses to “Beer or Plants”

  1. positive relationships Says:

    I can say that I would have made the same choice as your wife, since the benefits from plants will be much more than from beer.

  2. modern Says:

    As for me the right choice is obvious. It is great that your team took the best profit, best regards!

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