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Great misers of History

January 12th, 2012 at 12:27 am

My wife sometimes accuses me of being miserly because I turn off the heating in rooms that are not being used. Compared with some of the misers fom history I am a spendthrift. Here are some people more miserly than me.

Hetty Green
Probably the biggest miser in history. Despite being one of the richest women on the planet. She would never turn on the heat or use hot water. She ony had one black dress and she would only change her undergarments after they had worn out. Her own son had to have his leg amputated because she could not find a free clinic for the poor.

The Collyer brothers
The Collyer brothers were wealthy eccentrics who came from a well to do, New York family. They became recluses and set booby traps in their filthy junk filled house. Their dead bodies were found under tons of collected rubbish.

John Elwes
John Elwes was a British MP who was thought to be the inspiration for the character "Ebinezer Scrooge". He would go to bed when darkness fell in order to save money on candles. He wore a wig that he found in a hedge and he would treat himself rather than pay for a physician.

Joseph Nollekens
Joseph Nollekens was a famous and wealthy Sculptor who lived the life of a poor man. He would sit at home in the dark and would only light a fire if guests called. His wife was also notoriously mean.

Yossele the Holy Miser
Yossele was a jew who lived in Poland in medieval times. He was so hated for his meaness that the townspeople refused to bury his body for several days.

I think I have every right to turn down the heating a little bit.

5 Responses to “Great misers of History”

  1. laura Says:

    It is OK to turn down the heat if you have a nice warm sweater to put on. Smile

  2. Jerry Says:

    A wig that was found in a hedge? I'm sorry, but that's just silly. Didn't he have a pet hedgehog or something to place on his head, instead? (No, I suppose that would lead to more problems, because then he'd have to pay to feed it.) Yes, for heaven's sake, you can turn the thermostat down a few degrees as long as you promise not to follow in these chuckleheads' footsteps! Wink I'd rather have the insurance of being frugal but sane, any time.

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